Virtualization and Colocation

Looking for a cloud to host your VM?  Take a look at DBSI.  With so many hosted VM providers out there, this is what makes us so special:


When you're looking for a place to host your own VMware image, DBSI is the place to do it.  We not only allow you to upload and host YOUR image, we offer VM resources a la carte so you get exactly what you need.



We didn't get into cloud/VMware hosting when it became trendy to do so.  We got into it long before that.  In fact, we have been hosting virtual machines since 2005.  Since then, we have grown our VMware vSphere I-a-a-S offering into a world class, multi-location enterprise network featuring Veeam off-site replication of every VM that we host.



What good is anything else if our VMware cloud is not reliable?  Our uptime on our VM hosting network is up there with the best of them, 99.9%+.  Click HERE to read more about our data center specifics.



More than anything, our support is what sets apart from all others.  We don't make you submit a trouble ticket and wait.  We don't make you go through a complicated phone menu.  We don't make you leave messages.  WE ANSWER OUR PHONE and you always have a tech dedicated to you.  After hours, we even give you our cell phone numbers.


Virtualization and Colocation