Data Center Information



-Peering with US Signal, Time Warner Cable, and AT&T

-500 mbps connection to a Strongsville data center for disaster recovery


Routing Redundancy

-BGP routing among ISPs, we do have our own IP allocation from ARIN

-Dedicated Cisco router for each ISP, redundant power supplies connecting to redundant UPSs

-Cisco 6509 Core switch with redundant power and redundant supervisor modules participating in BGP routing with routers

-For optional firewall protection, we feature Fortigate HA firewall pairs and not single standalone firewalls.


Power Protection

-Our facility was recently expanded and completely rewired for additional capacity

-Eaton Powerware protection to each rack, each host with redundant power supplies (ALL of our servers and network equipment) plug into two UPSs.

-Generac 48KW natural gas generator dedicated to just the data center

-Second utility feed and Generac 20KW natural gas generator for "B" outlets in the data center



-Two Dedicated AC units for the data center with secondary standby units

-Economizer pulls in cooler outside air to minimize AC usage in cold months


VMWare Infrastructure

-Currently 7 vSphere 5.1 hosts in our cluster

-Currently 4 production SANs in our cluster

-Veeam daily backups of all VMs to equipment located at our DR facility

-Redundant paths on dedicated switching network for SAN traffic

-Hosts all trunk to the Cisco 6509 or HA firewall pairs for maximum fault tolerance

-All hosts and SANs are Dell enterprise class servers with redundant power and between 72 and 128 GB RAM per host

-SANs all run RAID redundancy


Physical Security

-Video surveillance at all points of entry as well as the data center

-Sievers intrusion monitoring

-Fire detection

-No unattended data center access

Data Center